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    Welcome to Cpmyth 5 ind. more commonly know as Cp mythbusters. We bring to you myths that tie into club penguin. Aadam Ss, Jjamie Hh, torii Bb, Karii Bb and Grantt Ii bring you the facts about the myths. Busted- Not true- Plausible- Possible- confirmed- True-
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Bye bye

Over they past couple months I realized that I didn’t post to much. I am deeply sorry for not posting even thought I should have. Like penelopedog said in her last post it is to stress full to post about cp. I am once and for all quiting the blog-o-sphere of club penguin. I will post about cp winter 2.0 being released and then I will delete my blog and fade away… I do have a blog that is centered around a hobby that I have… technology. If you like technology go to my blog at lockergnome.com/toshibatobe If you to have a hobby of technology and you like to have fun while talking about it go to live.prillo.com where you can talk for free in the live chat room. I will probably officially leaving club penguin soon. However I do request that I am not taken off the admin list just in case. I have had a great couple of months with you guys and I wished I could have done more.

See ya later…



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  1. don’t delete it! i want to join!

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