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    Welcome to Cpmyth 5 ind. more commonly know as Cp mythbusters. We bring to you myths that tie into club penguin. Aadam Ss, Jjamie Hh, torii Bb, Karii Bb and Grantt Ii bring you the facts about the myths. Busted- Not true- Plausible- Possible- confirmed- True-
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Cp Myth #5 – Cave shop

This myth says that you can go into a secret cave shop that sells rare items like the beta hat. We have recreated what the shop may look like.


You are supposed to go onto the mountain and play on ridge run. When it starts you are supposed to go immediately to the left of the track and you are supposed to go into the cave. We are going to do multiple tests…

After multiple tests we have never made it to such cave thus making this one busted. If you dont believe me maybe you’ll believe club penguin:

“Dear Penguin,

To answer your first question, there is no such room where old items can be bought. That said, old items are re-released every once in a while so be sure to keep checking the catalog.”


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