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    Welcome to Cpmyth 5 ind. more commonly know as Cp mythbusters. We bring to you myths that tie into club penguin. Aadam Ss, Jjamie Hh, torii Bb, Karii Bb and Grantt Ii bring you the facts about the myths. Busted- Not true- Plausible- Possible- confirmed- True-
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Cp myth #2: Ninjas

Many people believe that ninjas are real and many don’t. But today where going to find out. First there is evidence that may suggest ninja activity.


This shows a mysterious penguin shadow. A ninja shadow perhaps?


Could these possibly be tracks left by waddling penguins?

Although blurry you are able to see what might be a ninja mask and belt.

This is an actual e-mail sent to club penguin:
Secondly, the shadow in the Ski Lodge is suspicious indeed. Once again, no one knows for sure why that shadow is there. It may just be a shadow cast by a surrounding object. Keep posted to the What’s New section of our website and the Club Penguin Times for any updates on this situation.

If you have any more questions or concerns please reply. Have a great day!


Danielle C
Club Penguin Support

Well with all this evidence im calling this one plausible.

If you have a myth that you want us to test post it in a comment or send it to cpbusters@gmail.com.

See ya!


7 Responses

  1. bosco pitterpotter didnt do it he got framed.

  2. i know he got framed. I’m almost positive it was darkever64

  3. I can´t bacame a ninja i´m 330 days old

  4. i seen a ninja and it diappeard from plain site and i saw all of thos pictures

  5. nvm there not re

  6. no there not real plus that pick of nickname was from pc3

  7. Have you ever looked at the shadows in the dojo? the wall or window glass is square but the shadow looks like a group of ninjas heads!!! on both sides.

    ~ Orion Onion

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