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    Welcome to Cpmyth 5 ind. more commonly know as Cp mythbusters. We bring to you myths that tie into club penguin. Aadam Ss, Jjamie Hh, torii Bb, Karii Bb and Grantt Ii bring you the facts about the myths. Busted- Not true- Plausible- Possible- confirmed- True-
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Welcome to Cp Mythbusters where we bust myths ab club penguin!


The team:

Aadam Ss

Jjamie Hh

Karii Bb

Torii Bb

Grantt Ii

There is a new myth on sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.



2 Responses

  1. Please enjoy!


  2. i know its possible to be a ninja-because like u said here is los O’ eveindence that there is such. But hing is will u CP ever let it come out? Well me and my Friend dman1999 we’ve beem sending lots of emails to CP. And hey never responded. So maybe here are going to surprise CP. I dont know which but its in my vanes i will come out!

    And may ballywho be in your mythbuser group.
    Please just reply to this and tell me if u agree or dont.

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