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    Welcome to Cpmyth 5 ind. more commonly know as Cp mythbusters. We bring to you myths that tie into club penguin. Aadam Ss, Jjamie Hh, torii Bb, Karii Bb and Grantt Ii bring you the facts about the myths. Busted- Not true- Plausible- Possible- confirmed- True-
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Bye bye

Over they past couple months I realized that I didn’t post to much. I am deeply sorry for not posting even thought I should have. Like penelopedog said in her last post it is to stress full to post about cp. I am once and for all quiting the blog-o-sphere of club penguin. I will post about cp winter 2.0 being released and then I will delete my blog and fade away… I do have a blog that is centered around a hobby that I have… technology. If you like technology go to my blog at lockergnome.com/toshibatobe If you to have a hobby of technology and you like to have fun while talking about it go to live.prillo.com where you can talk for free in the live chat room. I will probably officially leaving club penguin soon. However I do request that I am not taken off the admin list just in case. I have had a great couple of months with you guys and I wished I could have done more.

See ya later…



Super Jamed pack Myth Friday!




As you have seen there hasn’t been a myth in a while which is we are bringing to you Super Jamed Packed Myth Special! This means one jamed packed post with 4 myths! Coming Friday December 14th you have to be sure to look! Also coming soon is the first ever Myth Convention! Look for more news.

Cp myth 5 industries

Cp Myth #5 – Cave shop

This myth says that you can go into a secret cave shop that sells rare items like the beta hat. We have recreated what the shop may look like.


You are supposed to go onto the mountain and play on ridge run. When it starts you are supposed to go immediately to the left of the track and you are supposed to go into the cave. We are going to do multiple tests…

After multiple tests we have never made it to such cave thus making this one busted. If you dont believe me maybe you’ll believe club penguin:

“Dear Penguin,

To answer your first question, there is no such room where old items can be bought. That said, old items are re-released every once in a while so be sure to keep checking the catalog.”

Cp myth #4 – Newspaper Employee

Well the myth goes that if you keep the newspaper open for half an hour Aunt Arctic will come to you and ask you if you want to be a newspaper employee. We are going to test this myth with my personal penguin, Boscobear10. We stayed on the newspaper screen for 30 minutes and nothing happened except me getting bored. This myth is stone cold Busted!


Cp myth #3- The yellow puffle

We are back from a short vacation with more myths than you can handle. Today the Mythbusters travel to the stage of club penguin where yellow puffle activity is the greatest. The first piece of evidence is at the stage. The yellow puffle pops up in the balcony if you press the two puffles.


Also the numerous reports of the puffle has attracted the attention of the media.


This evidence is all pointing to the same conclusion, The yellow puffle is here to stay.This myth is surely confirmed.

Cp myth #2: Ninjas

Many people believe that ninjas are real and many don’t. But today where going to find out. First there is evidence that may suggest ninja activity.


This shows a mysterious penguin shadow. A ninja shadow perhaps?


Could these possibly be tracks left by waddling penguins?

Although blurry you are able to see what might be a ninja mask and belt.

This is an actual e-mail sent to club penguin:
Secondly, the shadow in the Ski Lodge is suspicious indeed. Once again, no one knows for sure why that shadow is there. It may just be a shadow cast by a surrounding object. Keep posted to the What’s New section of our website and the Club Penguin Times for any updates on this situation.

If you have any more questions or concerns please reply. Have a great day!


Danielle C
Club Penguin Support

Well with all this evidence im calling this one plausible.

If you have a myth that you want us to test post it in a comment or send it to cpbusters@gmail.com.

See ya!

Cp Myth #1: Rockhopper

Welcome to Cp Mythbusters. Today we are going to be testing if you can in fact become Rockhopper. First we shall gather some pictures of people who might be pretending to be Rockhopper.


This picture clearly proves that you can HACK Rockhopper, but what about actually logging into his account? This is also impossible unless you have the same I.P. number as the computer that Rockhopper plays on and that is impossible. This also explains why people think Rockhopper is banned forever. If you don’t have his computer which he plays on it says hes banned. Clearly this one is Busted!

Heres a picture of our work space:


If YOU have any myths you want to submit e-mail it to us at cpbusters@gmail.com.

See you tomorrow!